Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Rumor has it we will be having snow today.  I know that it has been one cold winter.
Update:  Much worse than predicted.  Daughter is stuck at office, and many others are
 in the same situation.  People are just leaving their cars in the road, and there have been many accidents and pileups.  I am glad the north usually gets this and not us!  You are better equipped.

Below are a few of favorites for the day.  

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designchic said...

So many beautiful images - love the gorgeous chaise and mirror in the second photo

The enchanted home said...

Stunning pictures Teresa!! I cannot believe the crazy weather....for once we are not getting the snow but it is FRIGID here...too cold to be out. I am still trying to thaw out! Stay safe.

Things That Inspire said...

Beautiful pictures - I had not seen most of them.

We are all at home, although it took my husband 3 hours to get home from a meeting that is 5 miles away. He was a good Samaritan and helped quite a few people who were stuck, and then got stuck himself at the bottom of our street.

Stay warm and safe!


The Buzz Blog said...

The stories we're hearing of you all in the south with the ice and snow are crazy! We hope you are safe and warm, Teresa. While we may be better equipped at handling the cold and snowy weather, we're still pretty sick of it and these pretty pictures are making our day better!
C + C

Karena said...

Wonderful images Teresa! I do not even want to live the house this winter! Frigid!

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