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I put few things off, but exercise is one task that I struggle with.  I have always been active, especially playing tennis, but tough workouts are not my favorite.  3 weeks ago I started working out with the first Jane Fonda video, and if you are 40 or above, you have most likely friended this devil at least once.  It is always my go to for getting into shape fast...until now.

I pretty much ordered everything you need to turn your home into a Pure Barre studio, including the bar.  It was an investment, but I am serious about this, and I would love for you to follow along.  I would like to learn about your workout too.

I will be posting weekly about progress and thoughts, and will also include workout clothes, shoes, drinks, food, etc.  This will be a major lifestyle change for me, because I am from the south, and we love our southern cooking.  I plan on eating one southern meal a week. As my Mother would say,  "This is my big meal."

I will be sharing healthy recipes for healthy meals and snacks. I hope that you will join me!

This week's latest finds are Smooch and Smart Water!  I have been adding Smooch to my smoothies, and it really helps me!  I add yogurt, an apple, a banana and Smooch with 3 cubes of ice and it is wonderful!

Athletes have gone bonkers over these pouches, and I can see why.  My favorite is the Mango, Pineapple, and Banana, but they come in several flavors.

Smooch is great on top of your cereal, straight out of the package (which is how the athletes consume it), in smoothies and any other food.  Chia seeds are what got me addicted.  If you haven't heard about the benefits of chia seeds, read up.  Each gel packet contains 3 fruits, chia seeds, and acerola.

You can purchase Smooch by the links below for 12 packs.  I hope that they will be in grocery stores soon!

Smart Water is pure water with nutrients and electrolytes. Thats it! I can tell you that it has helped me hydrate, and since I have electrolyte deficiencies at times, it is perfect.

You can buy it in grocery stores or below.

Let me hear about your health plan and any great healthy recipes you have.  If you miss any of the fitness post, you will be able to find them under the label "fitness."

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