Monday, January 13, 2014


I hope that you had a great and prosperous (or restful) weekend.  I spent my Saturday getting all of my tax papers together.  Fun, I tell you.  Sunday was a restful day.


During the holidays, I missed some really beautiful homes.  I was so into Christmas, that if it didn't have decorations, it didn't get published. 

So below are several of my December favorites, and I mean some real beauties. 

1-3) Interior design by Allan Greenberg and Elissa Cullman, Photography by Bjorn Wallander 4-5) Interior design by Billy Cotton and Cindy Sherman, Photography by Michael Reynolds  6-9) Interior design by Eran Chen, Photography by Anthony Cotsifas  10-11) Interior design by Francis D’Haene, Photography by Thomas Loof  12-13) Interior design by Giancarlo Giammetti, Photography by Bjorn Wallander  14-16) Interior design by Nancy Heller, Photography by Roger Davies 17-19) Interior design by Sylvain Levy-Alban and Charlie Garnett, Photography by Pascal Chevallier.

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