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Haunted Montgomery, Alabama
By Faith Serafin
History Press; $19.99
Reviewed by Teresa Hatfield
Author, Splendid Sass

Set in Montgomery, Alabama, the capitol of Alabama, Haunted Montgomery, Alabama shares ghostly tales which focus on the famous Hank Williams, spirits that  inhabit the Alabama State Capitol and the former home of Zelda Fitzgerald, the frequent appearances of the ghosts at Huntingdon College and Old Alabama Town, and several others that will be of interest.  And for all of you baseball fans, the spirits that call their home Biscuit Stadium may be of interest to you.  Below is am image of the cemetery at the now Biscuits Stadium. 

Montgomery is my home, so these ghost tales were especially interesting to me.  I have heard many of these stories before, mostly from the mouths of those claiming to have seen and heard these spirits.  I found each chapter and history-laden page fascinating.  It is stunning how much history this book has revealed about my own hometown.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, this history rich book is one you will want to read and keep in your library. I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend Haunted Montgomery, Alabama, and I may just think twice before heading out alone to visit these haunted landmarks. 

Faith Serafin is a historian and folklorist from Southeast Alabama. She has two previous publications for the Haunted America Series from The History Press, Haunted Auburn and Opelika and Haunted Columbus, Georgia: Phantoms of the Fountain City. She is the director of the Alabama Paranormal Research Team, a nonprofit organization of paranormal researchers and investigators dedicated to the study of paranormal science and phenomenon. She is also a correspondent for the Paranormal Odyssey, an online podcast based on all things paranormal. Faith is also the official tour guide of the Sea Ghosts Tours at the National Civil War Naval Museum in Columbus, Georgia. She also volunteers for local school and community programs for reading fundamentals and education regarding the importance of historical preservation. 

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If you are near Montgomery, Alabama,  Haunted Montgomery Alabama can be found at Capitol Book and News.  If not, the book can be found at the link below.

A few images from the book for you Montgomery historians!

Huntingdon College

Biscuits Stadium

Lucas Tavern
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