Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Please welcome my daughter, Angela, today here on Splendid Sass! I am certain your have heard about the company Beautycounter by now, and if not, welcome. Angela's friend Reagan Howell was dear enough to send us samples a few months back, and we've been hooked ever since. Below read about what makes Beautycounter different, and why it's as chic as Chanel and as safe as they come. I can tell you that it takes a lot to impress me with skincare and cosmetics at my age, but this fits the bill. Today, you'll get to read why Angela chose to join the company as a Consultant. Enjoy!


For years I’d tell my friends, family, and clients about the latest and greatest products I’d found and provide weekly updates about how great the products were and how they performed. I constantly heard from them that they were so grateful to have this information because they didn’t have time, between work, children, and running their homes, to search for and try out these products themselves. I was so happy to be a good resource for them.

I had heard about Beautycounter, but really just thought it was “another all natural company” or “another direct sale company.” The products always looked great, and I knew they had received a lot of great press, but I loved the products I was using.

I’d seen a friend and client I had always swapped “product details” with, who happened to be pregnant, and had switched to almost all Beautycounter products. My friend, Reagan Howell, messaged me and basically said “This is for you, you’ve got to try these products,” and sent my mother and me samples. I started looking into Beautycounter, their mission, and the truth behind what’s in our products. It was shocking. Our cosmetics have not been regulated since 1938. That’s almost 80 years ago. I started reading about the effects these ingredients have on our bodies and was floored. I work with a corporation on their Health & Wellness program and spend my days telling people to exercise and eat right, but I was still also telling people to cover themselves in toxic chemicals. I immediately started trying to correct my wrongs.

After trying the products for a while and being blown away, I felt called to share what I know, educate others, and plant the seed for people to understand the impact the products they use have. Beautycounter’s mission is to educate people first and foremost. Read the labels of your products just like you’d read the labels of the foods you eat. Beautycounter’s products have been curated to be the highest quality and performing, safest products on the market. There’s no second-guessing, no fear. Just a promise that the products created are going to perform and be safe. That means everything. We try so hard as women (and men!) to be healthy for everyone in our lives. We can’t neglect the products we put on our body. They make all the difference.


And, these products couldn’t be chicer, more luxurious, or more gorgeous—and don’t get be started on the branding! I’d been eyeing the Glow Body Scrub for months, and I’m here to tell you it will change. your. life. The smell is heavenly, and the moisturization is unmatched. Partner that with the Enrich Body Butter, and you’ve got skin that you haven’t felt since you were an infant—and we can all use a little help buffing away the dry winter skin. Hello, spring and summer! Perfect products to get beach-ready.


The skincare is unmatched. I use the Essentials Collection with Lustro Oil #1, and my face has never looked better—my mom feels the same way. I feel like I can, and frequently do, go out without makeup. And, for a makeup junkie since age 4, that’s saying something!

Speaking of makeup, the products are fabulous, but the Tint Skin Foundation is the game changer of all game changers. I’m obsessed with it. My mom is obsessed with it. Almost every person I’ve sampled it out to has purchased it, along with game changer #2, the Retractable Complexion Coverage Brush. I’ve never use a brush for liquid makeup, but this is a desert island tool for me now. Apparently it is for a lot of people, because I’ve been seeing press about it EVERYWHERE.


Y’all, safe and chic don’t exist alone. Beautycounter bridges the gap. If you have any questions or would like to check out the products, visit my site at

Shop my social now through the 31st if you’d like to place orders. Again, message me if you have any questions about the products!


And stay tuned in the next month—we’ll be doing giveaways on Splendid Sass, including two of my favorite products! Y’all will NOT be disappointed!


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