Wednesday, November 23, 2011


This Oxfordshire demesne is historical and stunning.  The 1635 Carolean style manor  is now run by Charles and Angela Cottrell-Dormer.  William Kent designed the spectacular architecture in this house and painted much of the artwork throughout.  Kent also naturalized the banks of the River Cherwell.

Much of the original furnishings remain, and the draperies and wood have been faded by the sunlight over the years, added to the patina.  There are also original collections of books and paintings.

Ann Starling, who was born on the estate, is the gardener and has a staff of three to help with the pruning and upkeep.  Each year over 10,000 visitors pay to walk the  breathtaking grounds, which are graced with bronzes and statues of famous people hidden amongst the lush greenery. There is a 12th-century church near the garden which is still used, and longhorn cattle and booted bantams wander freely throughout the gardens.  ENJOY!


The World of Interiors December 2011
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