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Cindy Barganier is such a multi-talented and highly respected interior designer. Not only does she hold a BS from Auburn University in Interior design, she serves on boards and has taught. We share the same hometown, so I am aware of her huge presence in the design industry.

Digital printing to create fabric is an easy way to design work and can be tailored to the designer's taste, and that is exactly what interior designer Cindy Barganier has done here. Information in depth on digital printing follows.

I hope that you enjoy these gorgeous fabrics that my friend and fellow blogger has created. Thank you CIndy for sharing. I have chosen my favorites! Yours?

 For general information contact Cindy at cindybarg@knology.net

Trade info/orders to jeffbarganier@knology.net
To see Cindy's portfolio, visit her webpage here.

In terms of environmental impact, digital fabric printing is a great choice. It uses water-based inks, as well as using much less ink overall than screenprinting does. Furthermore, as there is no need to wash screens to change colours, much less water is used as well. Finally, digital fabric printing also helps create less waste by allowing you to produce a print in the exact shape and size that is required for a product, rather than printing rolls of fabric by the metre and then cutting out the amount you actually need.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, digital fabric printing offers unparalleled design freedom and possibilities for fabric design. The digital method allows you to engineer prints to fit the shape of a particular product, which gives you much more control over where exactly on a product a pattern motif will appear. For pillows, for example, this means that we can print each cushion cover individually as a square in the size that we need rather than having to print a whole roll of a repeating pattern and then trying to crop out the ‘good’ bits to use, which would create inconsistencies amongst the products. In addition, digital printing allows you to take a much more photographic or mixed media approach to designing, as it is easier to print things like 3D gradients and texture digitally. Using techniques such as layering photographic and illustrative styles thus creates a sense of depth and a level of complexity in fabric design that cannot be achieved through screenprinting, and leads to some exciting results!
It also means that if you love pink ribbon highway but wish it was a vertical stripe instead of a horizontal. Voila! For you it is a vertical stripe. Want it half scale or even quarter scale? No problem. Want it printed on another type of ground fabric? Your wish is our command.
In a nutshell, we are here to please; to be your design partner in creating a true custom interior for your clients. Let’s have fun!
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