Monday, March 12, 2012


Bloggers work very diligently to prepare beautiful posts to share with their readers. Many of them also run online shops, which are quite fabulous. Below are the online shops of my dear friends and fellow bloggers that I have known for quite some while.

I hope that you will take this time to visit each one of these shops, as I believe that you can find something beautiful and useful. These bloggers have carefully chosen the items they sell. No junk here!

I am going to add this list to my sidebar titled "My Favorite Blog Shops" for reference. I hope that you ENJOY the quality and beauty you will find!

Enchanted Home, Tina,  here

Splendid Willow Avenue, Monica,  here

Providence Ltd., Mona,  here.

Linen Haus, here.

Gianetti Home, Brooke and Steve, here.

A Paris Apartment Boutique, Claudia, here.

Beadboard Upcountry, Maryanne, here.

The Zhush, Sue,  here.

Anchovie, Anne,   here,  herehere, and  here.

The Trade, Renee,  here.

Fanciful Design, Fin,  here.

Visit here!

 Fabulously French,  Leeann,  here.

French Essence, Vicki Archer,  here.

The Well Appointed House, Melissa,  here.

  Dovecote Décor, Liz,  here.

 The Buzz, Carolyn and Cynthia, Diane James Home  here.

Fifi Flowers,  here.

 Chattafabulous, The Green Room, Kim  here.

Francine Gardner, Interieurs,  here.

Greyfreth, Isa here.

Quatrefoil Design, Holly  here.

Splenderosa, Marsha  here.  

The Gift Wrapped Life, Sande,  here.

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