Thursday, March 27, 2014


Pedro S. de Movellán
Complete Works : 1990-2012
By Maxwell Davidson 1V and Charles C. Davidson
 Schiffer Publishing Ltd., $50.00
Reviewed by Teresa Hatfield
Author, Splendid Sass

As my readers are aware, I love art.  So much so that a studied fine arts in a masters program.
My favorite class was sculpture, and I learned a lot, creating quite a few pieces that I am proud of.

So... when Schiffer Publishing asked if I would review this book, I responded with a big YES, and I am happy that I did.  This book is filled with beautiful pieces created by Pedro S. de Movellán.  There are 160 pages of his work, from small pieces to large installments. Such talent and imagination went into each piece, and I happily recommend adding this book to your art library.

Below are just a few of the pieces showcased in the book.

Pedro S. de Movellán is considered one of the world’s most well known kinetic sculptors alive today; this is a complete survey of his works from 1990 to 2012. The son of an abstract painter and an architect, de Movellán perfectly balances both of their influences in his own work. Each piece is unique, precisely constructed to be refined and detailed, yet unpredictable in its motion. From the rich mahogany, maple inlays, and leaf-shaped fans of Swiss Movement to the artist’s first outdoor sculpture, the eight-foot-tall Lily in polished aluminum and gold leaf to the most recent carbon fiber works weighing mere ounces, included here is every sculpture de Movellán has made throughout his career. The book also features text on de Movellán’s various styles and techniques and offers insights on his use of size, shape, material, color, and range of motion. Also included are detailed conceptual sketches and schematics for selected works as well as ephemera marking milestones in his career. For the collector, curator, and fan of kinetic sculpture and contemporary art, this volume serves as a must-have first part to de Movellán’s catalogue raisonné.

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