Friday, February 24, 2012


Ok, before we get to the gorgeous tablescapes, let's tend to some business!

WHO in their right mind created these security fonts (or whatever they are) that you can't read? A person with 20/20 vision couldn't read it! Can you imagine what your face looks like while you are squinting and moving your head at different angles to read them, and then you stop looking for a minute and go back? FINALLY! Oh wait... you got it wrong dummy, do it again! I just want you to know how much I love you to go through this to leave a comment on your lovely post. Once in a while I just give up.

Now on to my continuing saga about Apple's auto-correct. Below is a piece of a comment to Brooke at V&L. "Love learning more about you over at Tina's! 'alienated lady you are."' That was typed as "A talented lady you are." Can you imagine what was going through Brooke's mind when she read this? Oh well, she knows that I think the world of her. This is just what I have caught recently.  Some of you may remember the catheter ordeal. I now think nothing of what I see. First thought, auto-correct. They can't blame this on my southern drawl. Now I feel better, a little. By the way...I just checked this and had to change it.
Your guests will feel special when they know that you have taken the time to create a spectacular tablescape.  These are some of my favorite table transformations. ENJOY!

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