Friday, May 9, 2014


The May issue of Matchbook Magazine is out, and for all of you brides-to-be, this one is for you!  And of course there is much more too!  This issue is filled with so many beautiful images photographed by Rima Brindamour.  I have shared a few of these images below.  

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By Daniel Barrett and Joe Vitale
Hay House, Inc., $19.95
Reviewed by Teresa Hatfield
Author, Splendid Sass

When I received the request to review The Remembering Process, I thought YES.  I forget where I put everything!  In fact at times I can't remember anything! Wow, was I surprised by the contents of this book!

My intention was to absorb the techniques of this process, and to choose the information I found important.  I found myself imagining my future endeavors had already taken place, and all I had to do to truly make it happen is to remember how I got there! A sort of reversal. The way I look at it, with help from my Creator, hard work, previous motivational knowledge, and the new thought process I have learned from this book, I am prepared to move forward in a more positive way.

From the six steps studied, the most important technique for me was to relax.  The second was to remove the barrier that prevented me from reaching my utmost goals. For some reason, most of us seem to get to a point, stopping well before our maximum achievement.

During my time as a banker and stockbroker, I attended many motivational meetings and read my share of motivational books, so I was familiar with many strategies which deal with patience, confidence, persistence, and momentum. I remember playing business situations out in my mind before pursuing, but never used the "remembering" process. 
This book is based on the concept "It's easier to remember than create." 

Danielle Barrett writes, "The magic of remembering your feats as already accomplished is that doubt gets erased, which ultimately allows the task to be completed with relative ease. It's the doubt and fear of value that stops so many worthwhile endeavors before they can get out of the gate."  

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