Thursday, July 19, 2012


There is an issue that most of you are aware of, that of sex offenders, but do you know how to check for the perpetrators and their location? I found that I have one of the animals living .1 mile from where I live.  Close enough?

A situation happened at the beach this weekend that horrified a family and everyone here.  A little girl disappeared from her parents at the beach and was not found for two hours.  It just so happened that a sexual offender was listed as residing temporarily on the same street.  You can imagine what was going through the minds of those involved when this was brought to their attention.  Fortunately, the little girl was found five miles up the beach.  Some are not this fortunate.

Every state has a registry for sexual offenders, and offenders are required to register. This doesn't mean they all do, and I can tell you most of them have many alias.  All you have to do is google (or other search engines) your state name and sex offenders. For instance, mine would be Alabama Sex Offenders, and the other would be Florida Sex Offenders.  You can type in your address and see all of the registered perpetrators that are living near you.  Remember, this doesn't mean that all of them follow the law, but they have made it tough on them if they don't.

These predators are child molesters, rapists, and other forms of sexual abusers.  There is a sheet on each sex offender telling you what they were convicted of.

If you need help getting the link, let me know.

See you later this morning.
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