Sunday, October 31, 2010


From time to time I run across something that truly tugs at my heartstrings.  Today it is the story of Gloria Vanderbilt’s life. 

The article in Veranda magazine about this genuinely talented and driven woman warmed my heart.  She truly sought a life surrounding by those she loved.  Son Anderson Cooper, in a foreword to his mother’s book The World of Gloria Vanderbilt,  wrote “what’s extraordinary about his mother are her survival skills.”

The photographs below are just beautiful, and I hope that you ENJOY them as much as I did!

Gloria Vanderbilt 1956

Vanderbilt's present living room

Vanderbilt with husband Wyatt Cooper and their children

Patchwork bedroom in Vanderbilt's former townhouse

Vanderbilt's former Southhampton retreat

Aunt Gertrude Whitney's Fifth Avenue mansion

I hope that you have enjoyed this post on the multi talented Gloria Vanderbilt.  To read this heart warming story, pick up your copy of the Nov/Dec issue of Veranda magazine.  It is well worth the coins.

See you soon,

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