Sunday, May 15, 2016


Angela has begged to take the stage today to review her favorite new product below, so please give her a warm welcome.

Say hello to my desert island product (if that desert has electricity), along with lip balm and the stack of books on my nightstand that are half-read. I hate ironing. Hate it. I somewhat circumvented this problem with a $10 steamer purchased in college, and I thought I was doing all right in life. That is until this product entered my mother’s life and I promptly stole it from her. Conair'sTurbo ExtremeSteam® Handheld Fabric Steamer is literally the holy grail of steamers (I can’t believe I’m so passionate about a steamer…well, my friends can believe it).

This gets rid of virtually any need to iron—everyone rise for the Hallelujah Chorus, please. In addition to being extremely powerful in its own right, it has a crease function. A CREASE FUNCTION!!!!!!  This was the thing missing from my dumpy steamer, which inevitably left me trying to use my flat iron on collars and cuffs as I was 10 minutes late for work (I do not recommend this), and was forced to iron pants (if they were lucky) and other things that needed a crisper look.  It’s a game changer. Basically, I owe getting my life together to this product—I look more professional at work, I’m saving a ton of time by not having to iron everything, and I’ve picked up a new hobby because using this thing is kinda fun. This is worth every. single. penny. I can’t promise it’ll make you get your life together, but it sure will help you look good in the process.

You can find this at Target and Walmart. Check out the video below for a million other cool things this steamer does that I'll probably start obsessively doing this weekend.

P.S. Don't forget to enter the Splendid Sass + Beautycounter giveaway! You have through Monday, May 16 at 11:59pm EST to enter.
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