Thursday, April 5, 2012


I can't tell you how shocked and ecstatic I was to learn that I was the winner of a set of 100″ long Silk Dupioni panels, a retail value of $700, from the Curtain Exchange in Tampa, Florida! If you follow my facebook and twitter pages, you saw firsthand how "over the moon" happy I was when I learned I had won. Be sure to enter for the next giveaway! NOW on to the thanks...

Beautiful Sheers

The generous giveaway was a partnership between The Curtain Exchange, Tampa, and Studio M..  Leslie Carothers organized the giveaway.

I can't tell you how kind Kari Dickerson, owner of The Curtain Exchange, Tampa, has been, and her excitement for my win was appreciated.  Be sure to visit The Curtain Exchange, Tampa's website, facebook, and twitter sites.  Thank you so much Kari!

The fabulous blog that partnered with The Curtain Exchange, Tampa, was Studio M.  Below is just a preview of what you will see on Studio M's beautiful blog. 

I can't tell you how kind Michelle Jennings Wiebe and the Director of Communications, Eric Miller have been.  Be sure to visit their lovely blogwebsite, facebook, and twitter.  Thank you so much Michelle and Eric!

Leslie Carothers, from the Kaleidoscope Partnership, is the PR company that organized the giveaway.  If you are on twitter, you have probably seen this public relations giant at work.  Visit Leslie's 
website, facebook, and twitter. Thank you Leslie for organizing this giveaway!

A thank you to Georgina O'hara Callan...

Georgina O’hara Callan and the people at The Curtain Exchange's Official Site, have been so kind. Be certain to visit the official website, facebook, and 
twitter page for details on the next giveaway!

This is the color I have chosen!  I can't wait to design around them!

Beautiful, and believe me, this gorgeous color, Flax, goes will almost everything, especially my favorite colors!
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