Monday, September 10, 2012


When the uber-talented interior designer Benjamin Dhong designs a room, he creates a space for good living.  Ben's use of art is stunning and is what first drew me to his work. The candelabra in the first image has me drooling, as does the guilted wallpaper. The title of the article in which this San Francisco row house is showcased is Sexy Dreamy Dramatic.  I think the title fits perfectly.

The client, a 40-year-old British investment banker, asked for a very modern interior, but Dhong knew that a person who chooses to drive an Aston Martin and wear bespoke suits may not be as modern as they think they are.  Working with the client, he created a contemporary yet chic interior using an eclectic mix. The textures, designs, and colors of the fabrics, rugs, and furnishings are diverse, and the wall colors meld it together perfectly. ENJOY!

Ben mentioned the music of Etta James in the article, and since she is one of my favorite artists, 
I thought I would add a little "At Last" to this post.  James will be missed, but her music will always stand the test of time.

Thank you, Ben, for making certain that I didn't miss this spectacular home and your work.

House Beautiful September 2012 Issue

Photographs by Lisa Romerein  

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