Monday, November 17, 2014


Not only is Christmastime my favorite time of the year, but I dream of owning a barn at some point. When I opened this month's issue of Elle Decor and saw the Connecticut home of fashion model Anne Bannert and investment banker husband, I immediately fell in love. The textures, colors, artwork, textiles, and patinas drew me in.

There is nothing like a home well decorated for the holidays.  ENJOY!

Elle Decor, December 2014
Photography by William Abranowicz

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The enchanted home said...

Teresa you and I both for someone who could never get enough of the city..and needed to be busy 24/7 I have come full circle now I daydream about owning a barn/small farm with a super charming house aka Blackberry Farm and having a few small cabins for my boys and their future families! Can you picture it?

I Dream Of said...

What a gorgeous space, Teresa! We talk about owning a second home in the mountains and I would love it to be a barn like this - cozy and warm, the perfect place to relax after a day of cross country skiing or snow shoeing. What a lovely dream!

Have a wonderful week! XOXO

Karena said...

Teresa, here in the Midwest I often have driven by barns that I think would be gorgeously renovated homes! It would be wonderful!

The Arts by Karena

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

That is a beautiful home. At one time I would have loved to have a barn/home, but now I am happy with what we have. Eve though it is smaller, it is still alot to manage.

Karen said...

This barn is exceptional with not only the decor but the layout of the rooms. I have always appreciated the juxtaposition of rustic and elegant. What a pretty feature.

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

So warm and inviting...I love barn homes!

designchic said...

I am exactly the same way! The minute the weather turns cold I want a barn and a bonfire and a farm... It seems so romantic! Amazing stuff in your Etsy shop. I'm going to go check out now. Those linen coasters are my favorite holiday hostess gift! xo Kristy

The Buzz Blog said...

How lovely, Teresa, and in our neck of the woods! We live with a bunch of teenage boys so even though our homes aren't farms, we sometimes feel like we live in a barn... :) Love the rustic surroundings dressed up for the holidays.
C + C

Splenderosa said...

I think the size of a barn is what enchants me the most. I'm a girl who needs HUGE!
Lovely post. And, those reindeer with a martini towels are simply fabulous. xx's

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