Thursday, March 15, 2012


This beautiful home in Dedham Vale, in Pastoral Suffolk, was restored and designed by owner Veere Grennery.  He had saved the home from demolition in the 1950s. The Temple, house, and the massive gardens with a guest  house were previously a fishing lodge and garden plots.

Grennery has worked for design greats David Hick and Mary Fox Linten.  When it was time to design his own beautiful home, he used toned-down fabrics and an eclectic mix of 18th and 19th century furnishings. 

The salon is formal yet comfortable and has views of the canal, landscapes and sky. David Oliver chose the colors for the salon and dining, which are light pink and shades of gray. ENJOY!

Photography by Simon Upton

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Anonymous said...

What an unbelievably cool home! Is that a whippet (the dog)? So cute. xo

The enchanted home said...

Beautiful...its so soft and serene and that beautiful hazy sky reflecting on the outdoor gardens is spectacular!

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Beautiful designed home. I love the vintage pieces mixed in.

Karena said...

Teresa I am so glad that he rescued this amazing property. It is amazing. That shot reflecting into the water...wonderful!

Art by Karena

Kathleen Mullaney said...

Hi Teresa
I love roman shades and I've had two requests recently to make them. I had to turn them down because they require special hardware and a really big table to lay out. I wish I could comply with these requests and get into a whole new area of fabrication. Oh well, can't do everything!

Luciane at said...


I'm always wanting to come here and I miss your posts. The 1st picture took my breath away and I had to "pin" it!

Lots of love to you,


Luciane at

Design is... All in the Detail said...

WOW! What a beautiful place to call your own. Thanks so much for sharing... the colors are so relaxing... I could just sit a spell and enjoy (think I already did!) Happy St. Patty's Day - Jalon

Carla Aston said...

I just love the soft color palette here. That soft pink is really beautiful and the balloon shades are perfect. Gorgeous property.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this a beautiful spread? It also made for the perfect cover for the Architectural Digest 25th Anniversary issue. I simply love all the soft colors.


shiree segerstrom said...

These soft colors are so comforting, and I love the outside of the home reflected in the water. I have had Splendid Sass on my blogroll for some time, and would love it if you dropped by my blog for a visit as well. I am at Joy of Nesting. Look forward to hear from you soon! Shiree'

Shauna at Classically Chic Design said...

Beautiful and very elegantly done! Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day.


Donna said...

What a beautiful home...the colors are so subdued and elegant!

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