Wednesday, January 11, 2012


First, let me congratulate my team, The University of Alabama, on the BSC National Championship 2012! You were amazing, team! ROLL TIDE!!!
This beautiful home was designed by interior design couple Katie and Jason Maine. The couple used different cultures liberally throughout the home, showcasing pieces collected by the client on their travels. Numerous patterns and textures were used throughout the home, creating just enough attitude to be interesting yet comfortable. ENJOY!

House Beautiful December/January 2011-2012
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My Notting Hill said...

I loves the sconces chose in the dining room. And, it's so refreshing to see a bed without skirt and so high up - it has a fresh, uncluttered feeling. And, that bathroom!!

Unknown said...

Wow, love the color and pattern used here. Just the right amount of global without getting too much like a Moroccan bazaar. Perfect!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous use of color and good transition from bold bright colors to softer, subtle shades..
love the use of ethnic textiles..

The enchanted home said...

So interesting and eclectic but well done. I love how the interiors reflect personal experiences which obviously have meaning that is pretty neat. Beautifully put together and lots to take in, in every room! Have a great day Teresa!

I Dream Of said...

So much to look at in these beautiful spaces! I'm thinking that I would love to site around that table with a gaggle of girlfriends and enjoy an alfresco lunch in the sun! Have a lovely day, Teresa!

christy said...

Lovely, and very mixed but somehow it works. I love the last picture, what a pretty spot to relax.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful design here with wonderful details. and,oh my gosh... that bath!

Renée Finberg said...

this is crazy wild.
i want to be there.

Unknown said...

We watched the game and it was amazing!! We knew one of their old coaches, Gene Stallings, years ago.

On to this amazing home. Wow and double wow. The global influence is colorful and interesting with just the right amount of restraint! I love it inside and out!!

xoxo Elizabeth

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Love Global design. I have always called it Bohemian style. Either way, love it!

Carrie said...

Oh that bath is dreamy! I need to catch up big time on my shelter mags looks like.
Have a great day Teresa

Unknown said...

I'm originally from B'ham (now in living in SC)...ROLL TIDE ROLL!! I just read this article last night. How funny!

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