Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter Basket Heaven

These beautiful Easter baskets are certain to brighten their day!

Dean and Deluca has beautiful Easter baskets ranging $100-125.

The Godiva Bunny Delight Easter Basket is perfect for that precious child on your list.

This Godiva Chocolate for Breakfast Gift Basket is perfect for the grownup in your life. $85.00.

For the chocolate lover, this Godiva Chocolate Delights Gift basket is perfect. $65.00.

The tea party lover will adore this Chocolate Tea Party Basket by Godiva. $125.00.

Dean and Deluca Easter Cookie Collection will satisfy the sweet tooth of anyone.

The Godiva Chocolate Delights Gift Basket will brighten the recipients day. $65.00.

Give them this gift of marshmallows from
Dean and Deluca. $28.00

Make your own Easter baskets at

Happy Easter!

Embracing Etiquette with Teresa continued... see introduction post (1-29-10.)

Standard Courtesies on the Sidewalk

Walkers should stay to the right on a city sidewalk. In bustling cities, attempt to maneuver around as well as possible without running into others.

Allow other pedestrians as much room as possible, and when you are rounding a corners, move away from buildings to keep from being bumped into it. Keep bags and elbows close to body, and if you bump into someone say “Excuse me.” Those that bump others and don’t apologize appear badly to others.

Don’t follow closely behind others, and leave three steps between you and a person that you may pass. Stepping on someone’s heel is not desirable.
Be careful not to step off of the curb when waiting for a light. If a car forces you to move and you are off of the curb, you will have to push back into the crowd.

Even if jaywalking is allowed in your city, be very careful, especially on one way streets, because bikers or motorists may be coming up the street in the wrong direction.

Tomorrow we will be looking at Umbrella Tips.

See you soon,
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