Thursday, March 25, 2010

Make Your Own Basket

There are so many things to do with Easter baskets. You can fill any cantainer with anything that is of interest to the recipient. You may include clothes, games, phones, candy, stuffed toys, coffee or anything else you that appeals to your taste. You can also use any container, from baskets, galvanized containers, planters or bags. Use your imagination.

I am giving you some ideas to get you started. These are only ideas, and may or may not be the avenue you desire to take. I am starting with baskets and fillers and finishing with the wrap and bow.


This Twig Basket from Pottery Barn is only $24.00. I used a basket very similar to this to make a body and bath basket. If you go to a florist shop, there is no end to what you can design.

This basket from Crate and Barrel could house numerous surprise contents. $19.95-29.95.

This basket from Crate and Barrel could be filled with food, wine or kitchen items. $44.95.

This basket from Pottery Barn would make a perfect basket for anyone. $59.00.

My favorite bunny of all, this Steiff Niki Bunny would make someone very happy. $198.00.

This Gund Dayton Bear would look beautiful in the perfect Easter basket. $40.00.

Build-A-Bear. $18.00 for bunny.

Easter Basket stuffers like this Natural Bunny and Chick can be found at Pottery Barn for $6.50-14.00.

Who doesn't like jelly beans from Jelly Belly jelly Beans...

and M&Ms chocolate?

These Godiva Easter Bunny Biscuits would make a special filler for a basket.

Fill you basket with these Easter Shaped Candles from Pottery Barn. $5.00-6.50

Godiva Berties the Milk Chocolate Bunny and

Dean and Deluca Dancing Bunnies Chocolate would be welcomed by a lucky person. $25.00.

Cover your basket with this Shrink Wrap from Hobby Lobby, especially if shipping, $4.99 or ...Clearphane from Michaels is my preference. You can find Clear wrap in many colors wherever giftwrap is sold.

Wired Ribbon from Michaels is my choice for bows for women. I like rafia for more masculine baskets.

No basket is finished until the perfet bow is added. Rafia or wired ribbon from Michaels will help you finish your basket beautifully.

Enjoy making your basket!

Embracing Etiquette with Teresa continued... see introduction post (1-29-10.)


When using an umbrella, handle it in such a way that you will not disturb others.

Raise your umbrella when passing shorter pedestrians and lower it when passing those who are taller.

Do not tip your umbrella so far forward that you cannot see ahead. Clear umbrellas resolve this problem.

When walking under construction scaffolding, close umbrella unless the site is dripping. If you must open your umbrella, be careful not to hit others.

Discard umbrellas with exposed spokes. This is dangerous to those around you.

Before walking into a dry space, fluff your umbrella several time and fasten it. Be certain to hold it vertically against your body.

When walking with a closed umbrella, hold it vertically. Do not swing the umbrella.

We will cover Wayward Walkers on Monday.

See you soon,
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Anonymous said...

Good day to address umbrella tips! Rainy ol' Alabama!

Teresa Hatfield said...

We have certainly had our share of rain, haven't we?

Abigail said...

I'm pretty sure I have some of your share of rain too (Portland, OR). I want to make a basket now! Out of sticks from my backyard.

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