Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter Is Near

I love Easter. It is my favorite day with the exception of Christmas.
Below I have listed Easter goodies. I will be adding Easter posts during the next several days, so stay in touch!

Happy Easter!

Beatrice Potter stole our hearts with the Peter Rabbit series. Thank you Beatrice Potter. As anEaster gift to you, I would like to introduce you to her website. Just click here. You will love it!

Books A Million carries a line of Easter books, including this book about Curious George.

Cambria Cove is one of my favorite shopping stops as you know. Why not add this beautiful gift to a special Easter basket?

Alabaster Eggs from Williams Sonoma.

This Enchanted Filled Egg can be found at
Williams Sonoma for $26.00.

I don't believe that I have found a more wonderful decorating kit than this one offered by
Williams Sonoma.

Another Beatrice Potter book.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post. There will be several others which include baskets and other Easter fun.

Embracing Etiquette with Teresa continued... see introduction post (1-29-10.)

Standard Courtesies In an Elevator

Whoever reaches the elevator first goes first. After pushing the button for the floor you wish to get to, move to the back of the elevator. If the elevator is full and you can’t reach the button, ask someone close to push the button for your floor, suing “Please,” of course.

If the elevator is jammed with people, don’t attempt to cram yourself in. Wait for the next elevator. It is always nice for the person in an elevator to hold the door open or push the “door open” button, just as it is just as polite to let the person go ahead to their destination.

While in transit up or down, do not stare at other people, smack gun, talk on your cell phone or sing with your MP3 player. Try not to use the reflective wall as a mirror for grooming.

If you see someone you know on the elevator, have only small talk if others are riding also. Do not whisper, as this is rude.
If by any chance there is an elevator operator be cordial, using “please” and “thank you.”

Riding the Escalator

Keep to the right at all times, so others can past you if needed. If you are the rider passing, politely say “Excuse me.” If the escalator is full, be patient and wait until you are to the destination.

When stepping onto and off of an escalator, do not stop to look around. Move immediately so others can get off.

Tomorrow, we will cover Standard Courtesies On the Sidewalk.

See you soon,
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Abigail said...

I am now working in a an office building where I frequently use the elevator with others. I find it very awkward!

Teresa Hatfield said...

I agree, and I don't believe that those feelings will change. It is just strange being that close to strangers. It helps knowing that you are doing the proper thing.

Abigail said...

It just feels funny for two people to stand side by side staring straight ahead. Ugh. If you have any more elevator tips, I would appreciate it... or I might just start using the stairs!

Teresa Hatfield said...

I agree with you, Abilgail. I don't think there is a comfortable situation. I don't feel comfortable on an elevator unless I longtime friends, and that too can be uncomfortable.
I will see what else I can find.

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