Monday, August 22, 2011


When Jaci and Owen Hardy decided to renovate a 1920’s Colonial home in Atlanta’s Buckhead community, they called on interior designer Kay Douglass to help Jaci create the interior design and help with the renovation of the home, which was built by the late Philip Trammel Shutze.

The interior boasts bright furnishings against a neutral palette.  The different textures in the fabrics and the interior structure add a lovely warmth to the home, while the traditional aspects were left intact.  ENJOY!

Photography by Mali Azima

Veranda Magazine September 2011

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Luciane at said...


I'm loving the strong colors here! The green curtain are so beautiful!

I hope you have a very blessed week, my friend!


Luciane at

The enchanted home said...

They used the pops of vivid color just brilliantly. Love this home!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous pairing of gray with beautiful pops of bright color..lovely design..

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Hi Teresa; this is another example of design that makes me go week @ the knees. I love everything about this great house. The yellow bath is gutsy and breathtaking. Thanks for posting, so fun to see. Have yet another ahead.

Cheers x Deb

designchic said...

perfection in my book...loved it all!!

Marianne said...

I always love Kay's work. The green is just gorgeous! Hope you have a great week. xo

Linda in AZ * said...


... And that DINING ROOM (first pic)? Welllll, I just can't take my E*Y*E*S off of it... it's just sooooo STUNNING~~~ So elegant in it's simplicity... Yes, I... LOVE... IT!!!

Seriously, the calm & peacefulness this beauuuutiful DR space exudes, speaks so clearly to me... and I LIKE what it says!

Luscious! Many thanks,
Linda in AZ *

Anonymous said...

Now that's a pop of color! I love it!! xo

under spanish moss said...

We love the neutral colors that were used in the home with the pops of color. With a neutral backdrop, you could use your favorite color as the pop of color.
Angela and Renee

hong kong property said...

the interior really looks great! earth colors:)


I have always loved Kay's work and this is no exception!!!

mdl said...

Anyone know where I can find these curtains? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What color are the walls in that dining room? Very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Oh those green curtains make me swoooon.... loooove them. Such a fabulous color - one of my faves yet I've never really considered using it in my home. Reconsidering....

Coley! said...

What is the paint color in the dining room? I would love to use it in my twin nursery!

Unknown said...

im DYING to find that exact green for my curtains!!!! PLEASE let me know where you got them or where i can get the fabric


Unknown said...

DYING to know where i can either get the fabric or where you purchased those curtains!!! I've searched EVERYWHERE without luck. This room is pure perfection!!!!


Anonymous said...

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