Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Atlanta interior designer Amy Morris created a cozy, large scaled Atlanta home for these empty nesters.  Morris loves to choose large sofas and rugs, and in this home she also hung drapes from molding to make the  rooms appear more open.

The couple had a large collection of accessories and Morris knew that these pieces had to be downsized. What resulted is a beautiful and elegant home with color and warmth.  ENJOY!

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The enchanted home said...

Stunning, each room is so beautifully and luxuriously done but without feeling over the top. Love the gorgeous master bath, that pea green velvet chair is so that color! Anytime I see her work..I am always in awe.

Anonymous said...

love the blues,browns and creams throughout..and love Amy's bath that's been floating around blogsphere for's so well designed...
gorgeous home...

Unknown said...

Such a lovely, traditional look. Very comfortable and refined.

Jeannine 520 said...

Large, open rooms with a soothing palette but still cozy, I could move right in. Especially the living room, I love those curtains.

I made your pound cake this weekend and my whole family loved it. I'm a good cook/baker but I'm super fussy with crumb/flavor/moistness with pound cakes and have never been happy with any of the pound cake recipes I've tried. After so many failed attempts I gave up on making them for years. My mom requested a dessert needing a good pound cake and I was going to try and talk her out of it when I remembered your recipe. I'm so, so picky and your recipe was superb! I'm finally back in business with the pound cakes and will make this many times. Thank you!!

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