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SPANX ~ by Sara Blakely


In 1998, Sara Blakely cut the feet out of her pantyhose to smooth underneath her cream-colored pair of slacks. This was the beginning of SPANX, one of the most amazing businesses to grace the women in this country, and later worldwide.

Sara received a patent for her idea in 1999 for the footless body shaping pantyhose, and by 2000 had convinced a mill to manufacture her idea. Neiman Marcus agreed to sell the pantyhose, followed by Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and many other department stores. The rest is history.

In 2000 Sara appeared on the Oprah Show. Oprah named the SPANX pantyhose One of Oprah’s Favorite Things. I guess we all know what that can do for a product. WooHoo!

2001 ~ Sara moved her office from her apartment to Decatur, Ga. She created Fishnet control pantyhose with the no grid butt, and added control top to footless pantyhose (Super Spanx.) THANK YOU Sara!

In 2002 Sara manufactured my favorite of ALL time – the no-band, tummy control mid-thigh hosiery shaper, the maternity footless pantyhose, and the Two-Timin reversible tights called Tight-end Tights. Sara continues to be my hero! In the same year Sara was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young. Sara by this time had 11 employees.

SPANX moved their office to Buckhead in 2003. In the same year Sara marketed Topless Trouser socks and Two-Timin reversible trouser socks, All the Way and Mama All the Way to the foot pantyhose, Turbo Tights, Higher Power high waisted tummy control power underwear, Bra-llelujah hosiery bra, and Bod-a-Bing control apparel. WHAT A YEAR!

2004 brought Sara recognition for her accomplishments, and she continued to win awards for her inventions. SPANX gathered a larger sector of the market.

In 2005 unveiled her new line of Hide-n-Sleek and Slim Cognito seamless intimate apparel. She expanded her line to plus-size.

2006 ~ Sara manufactured a less expensive line of under garments under the name of Assets. In the same year, the Sara Blakely Foundation was started, which provides scholarships to college girls. She continued her giving again in 2007.

SPANX, by 2007, had grown to over 50 employees. By 2008 they had grown to 75 employees.

I could go on and on about this talented, hard-working woman and her company, Spanx. There are many new products on the market, including a swim suit line, which I have not listed here. Look for yourself, and see all of her products. I just wanted to bring you to this point in production.

Sara Blakely is an entrepreneur, turning her desire to make women look more beautiful into a major corporation, and at the same time giving so much to those less fortunate. She took her dream and turned it into a reality. Congratulations Sara!

I have worn, and will continue to wear SPANX products as long as Sara and her helpful team will put them on the market. These products are MIRACLE WORKERS. Ask any woman who wears them to give them up and see what happens. NOT!

You can visit Sara at the address below.

Embracing Etiquette with Teresa continued... see introduction post (1-29-10). Lesson 8 – the greeting.


This chapter is on greeting and introducing yourself to others. In this chapter we will be introduced to these courtesies and repercussions.
The Essentials of Greeting Others

An acknowledgement of someone else’s presence. It is an ingrained habit for most to say hello, but when you omit this act, feelings can be hurt. Most omission are usually due to preoccupation, but must be corrected on next meeting.

In next post, we will discuss informal greetings.

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