Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Embracing Etiquette with Teresa ~ Lesson 6

Update on My Wish List for 2010:

Breville Single-Serve Coffeemaker.
I LOVE THIS MACHINE! You can also use your own coffee with this machine!

Trapp Candles...
Can't get too many candles for my home, and these make great hostess gifts. If I am in doubt when it comes to gift giving, I give candles. I think I will do a post soon on great candles. There are so many.
I would like to share with you a blog that I am truly fond of, A Gift Wrapped Life.
I don't recommend many blogs, but this one is different. I believe you will find it enjoyable. Not only is it beautiful, the author is writing an important series that I have enjoyed reading.

Embracing Etiquette with Teresa continued... see introduction post (1-29-10). Lesson 6 – The Basics.

Actions Express Attitudes

Paying attention to others, being empathetic and listening is of utmost important. Self-concern has no place when others are uncomfortable or expressing a bad situation they are enduring.

Flexibility is also very important. Courteous people aren’t as concerned with form, such as which fork should be used, when it will embarrass a person. The mistakes of others are no excuse to be cruel.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post.
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A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Thanks Teresa for the lovely mention for A Gift Wrapped life. How generous of you to mention and include me in blogs you enjoy reading.....I am sure we will have the opportunity to know each other better this year. Looking forward to it.

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