Friday, January 8, 2010

I Could Not Overlook!

OK -- I am so upset about this! This is not my usual pretty or fun post, but I think it needs to be put out there! My opinion follows below. Be sure to read it, as I have listed some other information!

H&M Destroys and Throws Out Perfectly Good Unworn Clothing
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Have you ever wondered what happens to clothes that large chain retailers don't sell? Not boutiques like Oak or stores like Barneys or other designers that can send things to sample sales, but huge stores full of stuff that's too cheap to resell, like H&M or Wal-Mart. The New York Times reports that both H&M and Wal-Mart throw out unused clothing people don't buy. But they want to make sure that, after they throw stuff out, people can't wear or resell the clothes. So they destroy the items by cutting holes in them with machines. If they're dealing with a pair of shoes, they go to the trouble of cutting the insoles so you can't wear them. Puffy jackets are slashed across the body and the arms are cut off. The 34th Street H&M discards the destroyed but otherwise perfectly good merchandise in trash bags behind the building. Wal-Mart has a contractor that dumps their destroyed unworn clothes in a space on 35th Street. Poor people who need clothes are freezing all over the city, but rather than donate unused goods, these stores are destroying them and treating them like garbage.

People who know about the loot go to scavenge for goods that aren't destroyed since whole, wearable items make it through sometimes. Wouldn't it be easier to simply donate the stuff so they don't have to bother with cutting everything? A New York Cares that holds an annual coat drive and would be happy to have H&M's unwanted goods is located just around the corner from its 34th Street location.

A spokesperson for Wal-Mart told the Times that the store normally donates unused items to charities, and needed to investigate the 35th Street situation. H&M did not respond to ten requests for comment from the Times yesterday. The store also throws out plastic hangers in perfectly good condition, which is ridiculous, because clothes may go out of style, but those certainly do not. The Times reports:

H & M, which is based in Sweden, has an executive in charge of corporate responsibility who leads the company’s sustainability efforts. On its Web site, H&M reports that to save paper, it has shrunk its shipping labels.

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People who are bums who love to live off of other people and let the system support them. WRONG!

While many homeless people are a part of the system, and have no intention of becoming a viable part of society, there as many people out there right now that are like you and me!

This economy has created a situation for many, and their only option is the street or a shelter. They are too proud to ask for assistance until it becomes an emergency situation.

These people are removed from their homes, and have no where to sleep or eat. They are embarrassed to ask for help from friends or the government.

The least our society can do is provide a place for sleep and a shower and a meal! These people can't look for a job because they can't shower or clean their clothes.

I am far from a bleeding heart liberal! I have been called a far righter at times, but I can't imagine allowing those with legitimate needs to suffer. We all have feelings, people.

This story was outrageous. If you know of any other stories like this please comment and let me know! This is downright mean! Am I ticked off? You bet I am!

On a happier note. I received the supplies for the blackboard project and will post as soon as I am done. I will take pictures as I go along, and of course the final product! You will love this! I promise!
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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your blog posting on homeless people. The more we educate people the better. Good job!!

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