Sunday, June 12, 2016


It is a sad day in America!  Our hearts cry out to those lost, their families, those injured, and America. This was a senseless act committed by a coward.  You cannot allow our country to be the target of radical terrorists.  Such hate.


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Barbara Novello said...

so so sad -

Splendid Market said...

An absolute coward....

The enchanted home said...

I am in a state of shock and so very sad for those families....cannot even begin to imagine the pain. It is senseless in every possible way. A very sad day for all of humanity.

Hdtex said...

49 of my LGBT brothers and sisters were massacred in part for the very sort of anti-LGBT hate speech you spew in this "blog". Ms. Hatfield has as much blood on her hands as the gunman.

Unknown said...

My gay brothers and sisters lost their lives from homophobia and religious extremism, the exact same views expressed on your blog. You are complicit in their murders and to see this on your blog is the height of hypocrisy. No, it's worse- it is the emotionally unaware actions of a sociopath.

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

I am going to respond to your irrational behavior on my social media one last time.
I, along with most Americans, were devastated by the news of the murders of fellow Americans. They were people just like you and me. Your obsessive belief that I hate gay people because I do not believe in gay marriage is not only ridiculous, it is, as I said before, irrational.
There have been many comments on here that have displayed instability at least. I have posted most. Some could not be posted.
I have allowed you to spew your hate on the comment section, Facebook, and Twitter. I have been called everything from a terrorist to a murderer. You called my religion aa myth. You call me an extremist?
Enough is enough. Who is intolerant? I have found out.

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

I was referring to the comments on both posts.

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