Thursday, May 10, 2012


You truly have to pick up a copy of the latest Veranda.  It is stunning in its entirety. 

I have posted on the work of interior designer Tom Britt before.  His work is more than amazing, and I have seen nothing like his style. Britt and associate Valentino Samsonadze worked on this project together. Again, you have to read the story behind this work.  ENJOY!

See you soon,

Photography by Max Kim Bee
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Acquired Objects said...

Eck, I zipped down to the bottom here because I haven't read this issue yet so I'm unable to leave you a proper comment.



Love this post--bold and masterful use of color with fabulous results! Thanks for sharing and have a great day-Barbara

michele said...

omg that breakfast area with the chinoiserie walls. can you even imagine waking up to that each morning?

i can!

smiles to you.


I Dream Of said...

Gorgeous. I just want to climb right into those lovely spaces. Especially the room with the yellow walls! Stunning. XO

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Thank you for your lovely comment and good wishes for our son Teresa and I hope you too have a wonderful Mother's Day.............filled with lovely presents or really good hugs. XO

Barbara Jordan Dettweiler said...

That last bed looks fit for a king or queen!

Renée Finberg said...

the yellow is absolutely electric!

the deep coral walls are the exact color of my liv rm walls.
this is really beautiful!!


Unknown said...

I can hardly wait for Veranda to arrive!!! Gorgeous colors. Exciting interiors! And, Southern.

Hope you're having a wonderful day!!!
xoxo Elizabeth

Splenderosa said...

I have savored each and every page. I sent them a note a few months ago commending them on the way they are so careful with editorial content and adverts. Just a beautiful issue. Come on over and enter my jewelry giveaway if you haven't already. xx's

shiree segerstrom said...

Oh my gosh, Tom Britt has been around for ages. I remember probably 15 years ago he did wonders for a large, low ceiling living room. He used overscaled furniture and accessories with a kind of Caribbean vibe. Shiree'

Splendid Market said...

Extraordinary, I am running out to get a copy first thing in the am. Every room is filled with wonderful details, but simply, not overdone. Thank you Teresa! xo ebh

Kellie Collis said...

These are gorgeous! Love the rooms! Enjoy the fabulous weekend, Kellie xx

Unknown said...

Fabulous designs and spaces. The colors are wonderful. Have a great weekend Teresa!!

Karena said...

Teresa I am not sure how I missed this because Tom Britt is God to me! Of course he is from here in Kansas City!! Fabulous! I just pinned the luxurious bedroom.

Maybe that is why I am not getting around as much since I am finally on Pinterest, and while reading a post I may just have to stop and pin an image I love! I do have a question for me when you have a

Art by Karena

Dean Farris said...

I just linked your post to mine (Dean Farris Style) as I was just out on Long Island visiting Tom and Julie.
We had such a good time! Thanks for posting the Veranda article.

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