Tuesday, April 24, 2012


There is something breathtaking about a beautiful stairway.  I hope that you ENJOY the stairways that I have chosen to share with you.

 Tina of The Enchanted Home

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The enchanted home said...

Teresa! Thank you for featuring my staircase,I am honored. Love all of them.....they make such a beautiful statement and because they are in such visible spots, they get to be enjoyed all the time unlike beautiful living and dining rooms:)

LoveT. said...

Amazing Pictures ,real Eye Candy :)

Wish you a great Day!

Jalon Burton said...

I just love staircase. We sell the railings and what a difference a railing can make! These are all so breathtaking... I have to admit that I just love the black railing and stairs with the white risers... classic. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great day! Jalon

Splenderosa said...

Tina's staircase is simply beautiful. I love suspended curving stairways. Just love !!!!

I Dream Of said...

Can't you imagine some heroine making her grand entrance on one of those staircases? One of the first things we did in our house was "improve" our staircase -- darkened the wood on the steps, added more interesting balusters and finials. It made a huge difference and today it looks a lot like that 5th photo... isn't it amazing what upgrading a few details can do? Have a lovely day, Teresa!

Unknown said...

I recognized Tina's beautiful home. I love the high contrast with dark handrails in some of these. Just goreous inspiration!

michele said...

oooooh. really loving the one in the second image--reminds me of a sculptural velvet rope, but tina's takes the cake.

smiles to you.


Unknown said...

I do love a grand staircase!! My homes growing up were always one story, so I have to admit I love "going up and down" the stairs in my home now.

These are beautiful examples!!

Have a wonderful day, Teresa!
xoxo Elizabeth

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

So pretty. All of these images are gorgeous.

Sarah Klassen said...

Oh my, these are so decadent—I cannot get over the third especially! It is so incredible... thank you for sharing these with us :) I hope that you are having a lovely week!


Kat Tanita (With Love From Kat) said...

that stairway from architectural digest is to die for! must pin it right away!


Unknown said...

Beautiful stairways!! Loved the 2nd to last staircase..the risers are amazing!!!


Unknown said...

Love these stairwells. Im going to try to get a client to paint her brown wood white with black railings, so thanks for more images to pin!

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