Friday, November 4, 2011


When prominent real-estate firm owners and philanthropists Adam Rose and Peter McQuillan decided to renovate and design a nineteenth floor apartment in Miami as their second home, they called on designers Salvatore Larosa and Ronald Bentley. The designer’s company, B Five Studio, have been designing homes for the couple for 20 years, including the client’s main home in Westchester on fifty-six acres of landscaped land.

After gutting the apartment, the design team began in the middle and worked out designing the home around the media room, designing much of the furnishings themselves. The floor to ceiling windows and the white walls and furnishing showcase their extensive artwork and sculpture pieces.

Landscape architect Douglas Reed designed the terrace of beautiful gardens that surround three sides of the home. ENJOY!

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Luciane at said...

Wow!!!! The clean lines of this place are ultra-sexy! So beautiful, sleek. Loving this post, from the 1st picture to the last!!!

Wishing you a blessed weekend, Teresa.


Luciane at

The enchanted home said...

Thats so funny Teresa, I figured as much with your comment yesterday:) Hope you are feeling MUCH better!!
Beautiful space, especially love the glossy kitchen, fabulous!

Anonymous said...

love the the gorgeous white-white of the interiors and the ultra clean design...the blonde wood tones is also kind of nice, lending a little contrast to the white...gorgeous..

Marianne said...

Oh, Teresa... this is a beauty! The living room in all it's white glory is stunning! Hope you have a great weekend. xo

Virginia Country House said...

What a beautiful space. Thanks for the great post!

Cindy Albert said...

Oh wow, oh wow, Those are amazing rooms. Great post!

All the best, Cindy

Dovecote Decor said...

Teresa: This is what I'm talking about from my High Point market posts. The pad is hot--the nest is out. There is something sociological about how the pad and nest, in interiors, seem to ebb and flow. It must be generational. Your post is the pad. I'm fascinated by the demographic. Call me, I want to talk about this. Oh, and yes High Point was great this year. Come to market!!

Interior Design Pro. said...

Perfect design. Perfect interior. Simply perfect!

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