Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This is the sixth home that the talented and well known interior designer Michael S. Smith has designed for the owners of this Manhattan apartment. The apartment covers an entire floor overlooking Central Park, allowing for a view from every room.

To read about this home pick up your copy of the March issue of Architectural Digest.

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Robin Baron @ Simplifying Fabulous! said...

Now this is uptown luxury! Great find!

Luciane at said...

Hello, sweetie!

I really like Michael S. Smith. Is he great?

Fabulous pictures, Teresa!

Have a blessed day!


Luciane at

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Anonymous said...

amazingly the sofa near the top with the fringe...too sweet...

Casa Très Chic said...

I have his book and love his work.
This post is pure luxury, très, très chic!

René said...

These rooms are all so warm with a hint of mystery. Very nice.


David Long Designs said...

Stunning Interiors.... Thanks for sharing!

lisaroy said...

wow what a stunning home! Filled to the brim with gorgeous furniture and architectural details. I'm drawn to the light rooms - that's where I'd want to spend most of my time, although the first room would be wonderfully cozy at night. :)

Mona Thompson said...

Love it all. Big fan of Michael Smith.

carolyn bradford said...

So glad to see this!! It makes me realize why I love "formality!" Even in my own home!! sometimes I doubt it...wonder why I have it...until I remember that it is truly beautiful and most of it came from Jim's grandparents...who worked VERY hard for it!! I especially love the breakfast room off of the kitchen, tho...seems a wee bit out of character...which is why I probably like it so much!! The bathrooms are to DIE for!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Annemarie said...

So grand and gorgeous, Teresa! Fabulous post! I love all of the rooms, but especially like the neutral colored ones :)

Hugs to you xoxo

Annemarie said...

PS. Kind of an odd thing to write to you on here, but I just want you to know how much I adore writing out your name everyday because my Mom's name was Terese (no 'a' at the end, but close). She passed away almost 4 yrs ago when I was 21, so seeing your name everyday and getting the chance to write my Mom's again always warms my heart and puts a smile on my face :-)

Angela Duke said...

this is just too perfect. love it!

quintessence said...

ABsolutely ADORED this fabulous feature!! What a great issue!! Of course love Michael Smith but what an unbelievable space to work with!!

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