Tuesday, October 26, 2010


These beautiful libraries are some favorites of mine, and who better to lead the pack than Miles Redd? ENJOY!

Miles Redd


Ralph Lauren

Alexandra Branca

Albert Hadley

Amanda Kyser

David Kaihoi

J. Randal Powers

Myra Hoefer

To see many more libraries visit HERE.

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Julie at Belle Vivir said...

I absolutely love everything with and about bookcases.

Carrie said...

Great photos, thank you for sharing. I don't think Miles can do any wrong in my book either. I just found this little diddy on him as well http://www.wshome.com/content/designerseries-miles/dc.cfm

The Comet said...

I always adore Albert Hadley! Fabulous pics!

Check out my new humor blog about WASP culture:


xxo HH

Julie@beingRUBY said...

And the winner is Ralph!!! hehe although I like the simple fresh look of the Lonny.. I'm usually attracted to dark classic libraries..

Have a great day Teresa xxx ciao Julie

Sarah Klassen said...

just beautiful! I love the one by Miles Redd most of all -- it contains every feeling that I seek in a library space -- warm, great objects and oh that floor!

Zane Wooder said...

I wish my rooms in my house looked like any of these rooms. They are all beautiful.


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