Thursday, May 6, 2010

Summer Charm

This charming summer home is on the Traditional Home online magazine. Enjoy!

Now on to Embracing Etiquette With Teresa...

Shopping Short Takes In a Clothing Store

Make an effort to get in and out of a fitting room as quickly as possible, especially if customers are waiting. If a salesperson tell you that something “looks fabulous” on you and you don’t agree, thank her for her help and go on your way with “Thanks so much! I will let you know if I decide to buy something.”

When you are finished in the dressing room, put the clothing back on the hangers, not in a heap on the Then, depending on store floor. Depending on store policy, either leave in the dressing room, or return to rack.

Tomorrow we will cover Shopping Short Takes in Drugstores.

See you soon,
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Abigail said...

That giant cow in the dining room is hilarious and charming. :) My sister loves cows (mostly just brown cows). I wish I could give her this... she just moved.

Teresa Hatfield said...

Well...we could paint it brown, haha!

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