Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Frame It With the Keno Brothers

I thought that you may find this short video interesting and helpful.  I found it on the online website of Traditional Home Magazine.

Follow this LINK for the video.  Enjoy!

Now on to Embracing Etiquette with Teresa ...

Grocery and Home Store Do’s and Don’ts

Do not be the cheater on your shopping trip. Do not be the person who arrives at the ten or 20 item limit lane with a shopping cart full of items, the queue jumper, or the person who is the last in line and takes the first spot in the newly opened lane even though the people in front of you have been waiting longer.

A well-mannered person will not commit these rude acts, and will be calm with the violator acts. Some helpful “do or not to do” guidelines follow.

Do follow the express line rules.

Do let those ahead of you go first when a new checkout line opens.

Do return an item you’ve decided you don’t want to the proper place instead of leaving it in the wrong place or at the front counter.

Do bag your own items if the store is busy and no assigned employee is bagging at your counter. This makes things move much faster.

Do make your items as accessible to the cashier as possible.

Do place the divider after your last item so that others can begin to unload their groceries onto the belt.

Do tell an employee if you break a jar instead of just leaving the mess.

Do treat the cashier courteously. Do not be rude if an item does not ring up for the correct amount. I f the cashier cannot rectify the matter, contact a customer service person if you need to.

Do be careful when pushing large carts designed for shoppers with small children. Injuries can occur if someone is hit by cart. I could write a book on this subject alone.

Do not block shoppers with your cart. If you are looking items, keep your cart in front of you so that you don’t block two aisles.

Do not get halfway through the checkout and remember that you have forgotten something and leave to get it. Finish checking out and go get the item and go through lane again.

Do not push or touch the items of the person in front of you!

Do not put your money, credit card or coupons on conveyer belt.

Limit time of cell phone calls with the person who made the list. Don’t chat on phone while in checkout line.


Tomorrow we will cover Shopping Short Takes.

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