Friday, May 7, 2010

Fit For Your Mother

This special luncheon and the recipes for Mother's Day
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Happy Mother's Day!

As we approach Mother’s Day, I reflect back on many years past, and remember all of the things that made my mother so special to me. She is ill now, and I doubt seriously that she comprehends that a day honoring her, and many mothers like her, is near. After many years of hard work and service to her family and friends, she is confined to a bed and special wheel chair, and this will most likely be her last Mother’s Day.

I was holding my mother’s frail hand recently, and looking at her beautiful face, and I remembered all of the love she shared, and all of the time that she spent making sure that I had a meaningful, secure life. I never realized just how secure I felt as a child, and how truly loved I was. It was not until I was a mother myself that I truly cherished her selfless love.

There is no doubt that bringing up three daughters was an awesome task, but somehow she managed to accomplish the job well. I remember the days she spent teaching me the perfect way to plant flowers, and more importantly, how to keep them alive. She tried tirelessly to convince me that the turtle could be killed, and that guppies could not live out of water.

She taught me etiquette frequently, and all of the things a girl should know. We cooked and sewed, and visited with the Avon Lady. I owe my love of needlework, and my many hobbies, to my mother. We exercised to Jack Lalane, and then went to Liger’s bakery. She nursed my wounds, including my sunlamp burn.

Every Christmas was special for each of us, because my mother, along with my father, executed the difficult task of making sure that the three of us never felt slighted. I cannot, to this day, understand how they did so much, with so little money, because we were definitely on a budget at that time. My mother made a lot of clothes, and a lot of Barbie outfits, and we always had an extra special gift under the tree.

Under no circumstances did we miss breakfast, lunch, or dinner each evening -- healthy meals. She wore out many sets of tires driving us to school and back, to meetings, parties, dances and dinners, and any other activities we were involved in. She decided early on, that as teenagers, she had rather have us at home -- so our friends, and I mean many friends, were always welcomed at our home. She was a cool mama.

When I was older, I always felt comfortable talking to her about anything, happy or sad. I knew that I could trust her to give me her sincere opinion, given with the love only a mother can possess. Oh how I wish she could be here now, as she has always been, but God has other plans for her.

She has coached me through some very tough times, and has never condemned me, but offered the support I needed. That is not to say that she has always agreed with me -- that would be discounting her love and guidance. I can truly say that she had a foresight that is rare.

As this Mother’s Day approaches, I hope that all of you who are fortunate enough to have their mothers with them will remember them in a kind way. Let them know how much you love them. Mothers are a gift from God, and they return to him at his will.

On Mother’s Day I will read this to my mother, and pray that she will comprehend it, and be reminded of just how much I love her. I will thank her for her sacrifices and always present love. I will let her know that I pray for her comfort and wellbeing each day, and that I pray for the hands of those that nurture her. Most importantly, I thank God for such a wonderful Mama.

Here's to you Mama!

I would like to wish all of the mothers out there a Happy Mothers Day!  Thank you for what you have done for us, and what you continue to do for us.  We Love You!

See you Soon,
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APD said...

this makes me so sad that I won't be home :( Happy Mother's Day to the best mommy in the world! :) I love you!!!!

Teresa Hatfield said...

We are going to celebrate next weekend when school is out!

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