Sunday, March 28, 2010

Southern Born and Southern Bred

For those of us that were southern born and southern bred, beautiful flowers are right up there with magnolias, fried green tomatoes, silver queen corn, grits, fried chicken, and sweet tea. The Botanical Gardens in Birmingham, Alabama is home to some of these beautiful flowers.

My daughter visited yesterday, and I wanted to share a few of the photos she posted. Part Two will follow tomorrow/

Thank you Angela!

Embracing Etiquette with Teresa continued... see introduction post (1-29-10.)


The Juggernaut.

The person who flies down a congested side walk with a baby carriage or rolling suitcase/book bag. Look out for these people, because they take up twice the allotted space. Don’t be one of these people. Be careful.

The Yakaholic.

Rarely look where they is going as they blab on their cell phone. This is rude, especially if you are talking loudly. Try to be quiet if you must talk.

The Sudden Stopper.

Everything is going smoothly and a person just stops dead in their tracks. Even the persons behind them do not collide with them, they throw off the rhythm of the other walkers. Try to get to the side and move over if you need to stop.

The Meanderthal.

Some decide to cross diagonally across disrupting pedestrian traffic, and others walk aimlessly in and out, slowly through the crowd, while everyone else is attempting to walk faster.

The Phalanxers.

A line of clueless pedestrians walking abreast, making it impossible for anyone to pass. When people are walking together, they should be certain not to block others. A group should walk in single file on a sidewalk.

The Stationary Schmoozers.

These people see someone they know and stop dead in their tracks to talk with the other person, not showing any consideration for the other pedestrians. A person or a group of persons should move to the side to carry on a conversation.

The Spitter.

Just typing this makes me cringe. There is nothing more disgusting than a person spitting in public. I am sorry, it is not right. I realize that ball players and other athletes feel like spitting and that they are not manly if they don’t. It’s gross people! Rinse your mouth out. Now back to the book.

Tomorrow we will be covering Jogger, Skaters, and Bikers.

See you soon,
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