Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fashion for Spring...

Dress by Blumarine ~ via Harper's Bazaar 2010

See you back here for a weekend filled with fashion!

Embracing Etiquette with Teresa continued... see introduction post (1-29-10.)

Handling Mistakes

It may be embarrassing to get a name wrong or totally forget a name, everyone makes mistakes, and it is not rude.

If you can’t remember a name …

Do Not Panic! At least attempt to introduce the person. The person may see that you are having a difficult time and introduce themselves. If the person is wearing a name tag, look at it. Otherwise, apologize quickly and tell them you have suddenly forgotten their name. Do the same if you can’t remember their last name. Call them by their first name, and let them know that you have forgotten or do not know their name. Then … drop it.

If you get a title wrong…

This is difficult to remember at times. Do they want to be called Mrs., Ms., Miss? Do your best on these, and they may correct you. If you are wrong on rank, they may correct you. If you are not certain, ask them later. These are not bad mistakes and are not rude. Try to remember the next time you see them.

If you mispronounce a name …

If you know that you cannot properly pronounce a name, ask the person how to pronounce it. Try not to make the same mistake again, but it is an acceptable and understood mistake. If you know that you will be introducing someone with a name you are unsure of, you should ask someone who knows.

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