Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blue Hues ~ Beautiful Blue

Nate Bercus and Anne Coyle decorate the Rakieten home.
Elle Decor March 2010 Issue.


Blue is such a tranquil color.

This changed my idea about what I want in a bathroom and ...

blue and grey wins.

I could use this closet as an office too :) ...

in a soft, quiet color...

for organizing all of my belongings.

A room for him...



mixture of modern and traditional.

Blue creates a subdued area...

transforming light into a more luminous state.

I hope that you have enjoyed the beautiful photographs of these blue rooms. I enjoy my Elle Decor magazine each month, thanks to a Christmas gift subscription from my sister.

Embracing Etiquette with Teresa continued... see introduction post (1-29-10).
Lesson 13

Kissing, Hugging, and Other Affectionate Gestures

Among close friends and family members, it is acceptable to hug or kiss, if this is the usual custom when greeting.

Due to customs and other situations, it is best to offer a handshake only. Unfortunately, we live in a climate where sexual harassment or other situations occur. To be on the safe side, offer your hand for a handshake.

If offering kiss, to avoid bumping heads, go directly to the right cheek.

The two-cheek kiss ~ While facing the person, a kiss to each cheek is accompanied by an embrace, where close or arm touching. Be careful that you know the person and their customs before you offer a two-cheek kiss.

Air kiss ~ A very quick kiss where the persons cheek, either one or both, is nearly touched or is touched by your cheek ,and a kiss is gestured. To keep balance, participants often touch arms or hold the other’s shoulders.

Hand kissing ~ Not usually done in the United States. The woman extends her hand with palm held downward, and the man kisses the hand above the hand quickly.

To signal that you don’t want to be kissed or hugged, extend your hand stiffly for a handshake. This also works well when someone stands too close. If that doesn’t work, grin and bear it and remove yourself quickly. It may be necessary to talk with the person and let them know that they are making you uncomfortable.


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