Wednesday, January 13, 2010

For the Love of Roses...

Beginning Monday, post or not, I will begin to place an etiquette tip from the Emily Post Etiquette book on this blog. This will continue until I have covered all areas.

The Rose Garden

The majority of my roses are grown in large containers, but there is nothing like the soil to bring life to this subtle form of beauty. Climbing roses can blanket a wall, trellis, gate, arbor or fence with marvelous grandeur.

A collection of my favorite roses follow, but there are infinite colors, fragrances and shapes to enjoy. Jackson Perkins and Heirloom Roses are the sources here. I have also listed two of my favorite garden centers. Nothing can replace the guidance provided by a reputable nursery, and I put my utmost trust in these two.

Caroline de Monaco Rose (HR)

Alecs Rose (HR)

Veteran's Honor Hybrid Rose (JP)

Sweetness Grandiflora Rose (JP)

Constance Spry (HR)

Courageous (HR)

Graham Thomas Rose (HR)

Robert Clements Rose (HR

Sedona Rose (JP)

One of my trusted gardens, Southern Homes and Gardens, Montgomery, AL., has been a leader in gardening for as long as I can remember.

Green Thumb Nursery in Montgomery, AL. I spent many hours here planning my garden and water garden.

Certainly I am not suggesting that you plant your rose bushes today, but I hope that you have enjoyed this boost from the cold. A well planned garden is the beginning of many hours of pleasure.

See you soon, I am almost finished with the blackboard project, so I will post it soon.
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