Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tartan Plaid ~ Part One


I believe that this photograph, by Amy Free, says it all about this versatile cloth we call tartan plaid. Maybe I will wear a tartan dress to Joey and Angela's weddings, or at least a tartan belt and shoes. Red or green?

Of all of the designs found, the tartan is the most beautiful and classic of all. It can be used anywhere, to create anything, and blends well with so many other fabrics and styles. Have I convinced you yet that I love tartan? Well, I DO!

Tartan originated in Scotland as their national dress and is associated with the kilt. The tartan distinguished the separate clans in the Highlands. It was later banned by the English, but the Scottish people would not let these invaders destroy their tartans. The Scottish people wear tartan cloth over their back, and it is frequently pulled over the head.

First woven from linen, the tartan material can now be found in many fibers, but the design appears closely intertwined, consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors. Red, navy, yellow and white are usually the dominate colors.

Pendleton brought the tartan fabric to America in the 20’s with their wool design. This classic plaid can now be found in wool, silk, linen and cotton. My favorites are the red and green dominant plaid.

Part one is on clothing for men and women. Part two will place emphasis on tabletop, furniture and accessories.


Dolce and Gabbana have their tartan act together. Great ensemble.

As mentioned in the last blog, this is on my Christmas wish-list. Ralph Lauren Sawtooth Shetland Plaid Blue Label jacket.

Ralph Lauren Blue Label Suede Patch plaid camp shirt.

This tartan jacket is by Guess.

This Woolrich tail gating jacket is perfect for a quick grab for any occasion.

This Ralph Lauren Blue Label Buffalo Plaid skirt can be paired for many looks.

This ruffle plaid shirt can be found at the Gap.

These two sleepover pajamas, from Victoria's Secret , look great and last for a very long while.


This Brooks Brothers tartan vest looks great with coat, jacket, or alone over a shirt.

This Ralph Lauren wool-blend coat will keep the cold out.

This Brooks Brothers Red tartan tie pairs looks great for those Christmas gatherings.

This fun cummerbund set from Brooks Brothers can be dresssed up or down.

This Brooks Brothers scarf will work for women or men, and is a very versatile accessory.

The custom-fit cotton plaid shirt by Brooks Brothers.

This tartan red shirt by Brooks Brothers is a great paired with this camel-hair cardigan.

These pajamas from Brooks Brothers are perfect for lounging.

I will see you later for part two of this tartan post. Tabletop, accessories and furniture will be the concentration in the next post.

Merry Christmas,
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