Sunday, December 27, 2009


During the year we become hurried and bogged down in our own busy lives. So often we forget to take a step backwards, take in a breath of fresh air, and experience all of the priceless and breathtaking gifts  begging for our attention. We need to take time, a reprieve from the other aspects of life.

Not so many years ago people communicated mostly through hand-written word. They kept journals, calendars, and diaries, writing their thoughts and important recollections, while maintaining card and address lists for every occasion. I have always found it comforting to look back on old calenders, journals, address books, bank entries, and other recordings of my life.

Can I suggest that we slow down a little in 2010 to look around us, smell the roses, and feel the solitude that a moment of relaxation can deliver. We can easily reacquaint ourselves with life’s simple pleasures and simultaneously decrease our stress level.

I have gathered a few journals, address books, and photograph albums for your consideration. A previous post, The Write Way, contains resources for writing

I feel certain that we can continue to find the time to accomplish our other obligations, all the while enjoying the lovely pleasures before us.  So... let's get out the pen, open the cover, and put our thoughts on a crisp piece of paper.

This leather bound journal is Crane quality and comes in several colors.

This zebra photo album from Crane is just the right size to fit in your bag.

This Season of Bliss journal/calendar by Hoffman Media adds a more feminine touch to our journal writing. Hoffman Media is the publisher of Victoria and Southern Lady magazines, among other tiltles.

These leather address books by Crane come in three colors.

Daytimer has all of your planner/calendar needs met.

This photo album by Martha Stewart for Michael's can be used as is, or used as a template for your own creation.

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