Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Classic Glove

Print by Robert Ely.

By now you have correctly assumed that I am wishing for the feminine and sophisticated era to return. Styles have changed and become more modern, but designers are diligently attempting to bring back the classic glove and hat structure. If I can assist in any way, I will.

Shana Zarick, wearing long white gloves, is shown here on the 1991 cover of Vogue. Photograph by Steven Meisel.

Cashmere is a soft and beautiful wool, and Ralph Lauren’s long gloves are a luxurious accessory.

This pair of long white gloves is less expensive than the cashmere, suede, or other leathers, and can be found at Great Gloves Online. They have an extensive line of styles and colors, including black. This glove is more versatile, and is worn by most glove wearers.

This model is wearing medium length black gloves to accessorize her beautiful suit.

From Neimam Marcus, these leather and mink gloves by Loro Piana Fraciose are the epitome of luxury. I would like to find a pair in my stocking this year -- hint, hint.

These leather gloves beautifully complement this models’ dress.

An exclusive of Saks Fifth Avenue, this lambskin glove has a subtle feel and appearance.

Suede long black gloves add pizzazz to this fun party dress.

Long suede gloves from Ralph Lauren can be worn casually or for dress.

Photograph by Frederick Vreeland, 1951
The Neiman Marcus UGG gloves are a special treat, and those wearing the boots can appreciate a classic glove made by the same manufacturer.

Red cable gloves by Ralph Lauren brighten up any ensemble.

You are never without the appropriate glove with this Ralph Lauren three-pack in black, navy, and brown.

I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed this post. A pair of these gloves will be on my Christmas list.

Angela will be coming home for the Christmas holidays today, so there will be a possibility that there will not be a new post each day, haha.

Merry Christmas.

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