Friday, July 1, 2016


Gun control issues have been at the forefront for a very long time.  There are some that believe there should be some changes made to provide a way to keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals.  This is not going to happen, because the bad guys will always find a way to get the guns they want.  If you believe otherwise, you are in denial.

In the Second Amendment to the Constitution, the law reads: "A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."  Short and simple.  This is the law.  Period.

GUNS DO NOT KILL, PEOPLE DO. I am beyond tired of reading and hearing that we have got to do away with guns.  Owning a gun is our constitutional right, and you aren't going to take guns away from law abiding citizens in America.  It is not going to happen, and it shouldn't. People have a right to protect themselves from violent offenders, especially in today's climate.

I, on the other hand, do believe changes need to be made. Over half of the gun related deaths in America are suicide, The majority of the rest are violent crimes, with around 3 percent being accidental.

For once I agree with this administration on something. We are going to have to address the subject of mental illness.  I believe a group of professionals should be put in place to come up with some recommendations and rational solutions to lowering the number of suicides and violent crimes committed by mentally ill individuals without unfair targeting, which is a major concern.  This process will be time consuming, so we will need to go ahead and pass laws on other issues.

I also believe that more restrictions should be put on weapons sold at gun shows.  This is a no-brainer. I believe, just as most Americans do, that background checks are necessary.  Hopefully a more efficient and less time consuming system can be put into place.

We should not only be able to own a gun, we should be able to carry a concealed weapon. I will not change my mind on this and neither will most Americans.

I hope that Congress can get together and pass laws.  The ridiculous sit-in, a political stunt, is no way to get anything done, and neither is acting like children by a majority of congressional leaders. We should all write or contact our leaders and let them know our thoughts on the issue. They do work for us, and are paid by taxes from working people like ourselves.

So let's stop the marches, protests, and ridiculous rhetoric, and get things done.  We all want a safer America.

When I started writing this post, I researched numerous sites. I just kept coming up with the same numbers and percentages, and of course the same arguments from different groups. Everything else is common sense.

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A note: the AR-15 rifle, below, is not an assault weapon.  There is so much confusion on this weapon.

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