Saturday, June 14, 2014


I don't know about you, but when it comes to storage and de-cluttering in a kitchen, bedroom, or garage, space is always at a premium it seems.  I am one that believes that storage solutions are a number one priority! 

I have found a great solution to many of those problems, and it has solved a major problem in the kitchen. It is Cabidor, and it is a creative, award-winning storage solution that transforms the space behind any door into a portable closet. It is a multi-purpose storage and shelving system that cleverly and easily attaches to the hinges of any door to maximize living space and organize clutter. Cabidor’s unique design features an adjustable shelving and retention rod system that allows homeowners to customize storage space to match their unique needs. 

Cabidor has the storage space of more than five medicine cabinets and is ideal for storing bathroom supplies, pantry items, craft supplies, laundry and utility room materials, office supplies, beauty products, pet supplies and more. 

(an be ordered with attached jewelry section)

Cabidor's patented connection system is completely portable, installs in minutes and is easily detachable.  This makes it ideal for homeowners and renters and can be used in both commercial and residential settings.  It is also great for college dorm rooms.  There is also a mirror with some of the units.

(can order with mirror)

I am enjoying my unit so much.  I emptied two large cabinets, leaving room for more dishes, and had room left over!  I am seriously thinking about two more for the bedrooms.  I love that they are portable, and the ability to adjust shelves is perfect.

and the mini Cabidor is perfect for dorms or smaller areas...

There are five different cabinets and sizes, so head on over to Cabidor and see for yourselves! And to see even more, visit their Facebook page.


See the video here

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laura Madalene said...

Your new kitchen is beautiful. I'll be doing my own soon. Where did you get your cabinet nobs? Love the GREAT STORAGE SOLUTIONS.
Exclusive Kitchen

I Dream Of said...

You can never be too rich, too think or have to much storage! Happy weekend, Teresa! XOXO

michele said...

how clever are those! my friend has a secret vertical pull out in her kitchen that is the most amazing thing i have ever seen! love to you, teresa.

Joseph Smith said...

You have some great closet storage solutions. I got great ideas I can use for my coat closet. Thanks for sharing. Great post!

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