Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Let's Get Started!


There are so many things that I am looking forward to sharing with you, and above are only a few of them. There will also be recipes, a kitchen herb garden, fashion, decor, and numerous other posts.

I am behind on my Embracing Etiquette with Teresa post due to this flu that has had a stronghold on me, but I am feeling MUCH better. I am so much looking forward to these posts, as I believe that manners are so important in every aspect of life.

I have three new decorating books, Sister Parish Design, David Hicks, A Life of Design, and Glamourous Rooms by Jan Showers. I can't wait to share these rooms and tips with you.

Now to the task at hand--the blackboard! I have listed the items needed to do this project, and should have the finished product for you to see within the next two days.

Lowe's has the paint in the can and the spray. I found the Valspar stray paint I am using at Michaels, but if you are new to painting, you should use the paint-on.

I found the frame on sale for $30.00, and it includes the glass also if you buy the package. There should be sales at one of the art stores. Hobby Lobby also has fifty-percent sales frequently on their open back frames. You would need to buy the glass or board (easier to paint) to fit, but they will also finish it, at no charge, when your project is completed.

I have found that glass works best, and is very secure once backed, but wood will work.

You will need:

A frame in the size desired
glass to size
chalkboard paint
foam brush or roller brush for canned paint
and gloves.

I will see you back here to explain the process, and to show you the finished product.

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