Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ralph Lauren ~ Le Grand Hotel

The Spring 2010 Collection by Ralph Lauren is as beautiful as we have come to expect from this design giant. Classic and genius are words that present themselves into my mind when I open a magazine or email with his work displayed. This bedroom is no exception, and neither is the rest of the perfection in this collection, which I will show you in two posts, beginning with this one.

Rich textures, color, and wood are present in everything designed by Ralph Lauren.

Beautiful fabrics...

and beautifully finished wood.

Lavish whites...


and luxurious materials.



and personal goods.

Beautiful dining furnishings...


and to finish it all... a lovely bar.

Embracing Etiquette with Teresa continued... see introduction post (1-29-10.)

The Order of Introductions

Who to introduce to whom is a subject we worry about needlessly. The person being introduced first is shown deference, based on seniority or prominence. The order in which a person is introduced is important, but if a mistake is made offence is not usually taken.

The four guidelines follow:

Younger person is introduced to an older person. (“Mrs. Quinn, I want to introduce you to my daughter, Angela Duke. Angela, this is aunt, Mrs. Quinn”.)

A person of high rank or prominence is named first and received the introduction. (“Princess Angela, may I present my husband C. J. ? ”) Always try to introduce your boss first when introducing them to a lower rank person. (Mr. Gunter, I would like for you to meet Ashley Griswold, who will begin work with us on Monday. Ashley, this is Mr. Gunter, president of our company.”)

When introducing others to family members, the other person’s name is said first. (“Alex, I would like for you to meet my cousin, Erin.”). But as a sign of respect, an older person is named first. (“Mother, I would like to introduce Lauren Williams. Lauren, this is my mother, Mrs. Teresa.”)

In social situations, men are introduced to women. (“Mrs. Jones, I would like to introduce Mr. Smith.”)

Tomorrow we will talk about self-introductions.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed designing it. Ralph Lauren gave me everything I needed to present it well.

See you soon,

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