Thursday, January 28, 2010

Finished Chalkboard

Finished, framed chalkboard!


See supplies needed in the previous post.

Put glass or chosen surface on newspaper. Wood produces a smoother finish, but I like glass. If painting with spray, go outside, using foam brush to clear drips immediately.

Roll on canned paint with foam roller brush. Once dry paint additional coats. I brush over last coat with dry, soft brush.

Because it was windy here this week, I used the Valspar canned paint with a roller brush. Remember, if you are not a painting pro, you need to use the can paint for a smoother finish!

I put several coats for long term use, and then gently buffed with fine sand paper to get rid of bubbles before final coat. Be very careful to VERY GENTLY buff the surface. You may also paint both sides so that you will have a backup when worn.

I intend on redoing this frame in aluminum leaf for the kitchen, but the frame looks nice as is. There are many easy options for personalizing frames to your taste.

When finished, back yourself, or take back to framer.

Now we have the final product – a framed chalkboard fit for royalty!

This board is a 16 x 20. This is larger that the usual 11 x 14 I make for gifts.

Save your paint because we will be using it for the herb garden project.

You may want to pick up some small/medium terra cotta pots or a window box, along with name tags if you like. Don’t forget the chalk!

This is one gift that is still being used by all of the lucky recipients! ENJOY!

The terra cotta pots are also a beautiful gift. Just add a plant and a pretty bow! We will do this project with the herb garden posts.

There is no end to the uses for chalkboard paint. You will see many of them here :).

Everyday Etiquette with Teresa begins tomorrow.

See you soon, and don’t forget to see the bottom section of each post, as I may have information about a future post.


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