Friday, November 27, 2009

I've Gone Zebra!

Follow me through the Jungle...

This beautiful stairway runner is zebra, designed by Renea Abbott for Veranda Magazine.

This room, decorated by Anthony Todd,is featured in Elle Decor. It is designed around a zebra pelt from Wildlife Etc., layered on top of a sissal rug.

This beautiful dining room, featured in Tradional Home, is arranged atop a Dash and Albert wool rug.

The Trophy Room Collection, Inc., provides zebra upholstered furniture, pelt rugs, and upholstery pelt priced by the foot.

These rugs are from Williams Sonoma and Target. The Williams Sonoma rug would work especially well in a kitchen or breakfast room. The Target rug, priced for those on a budget, would be perfect for a teenagers dorm room or bedroom.

The real thing -- the pelt. The prices are determined by the grade.

See you soon,

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Christmas Bliss

I will admit it -- I can't contain myself! This has been ready to publish for a few days and I have held off posting for as long as I can. Well here goes.

Christmas is my favorite time of year, and I love looking at the ornaments and the magazines with the decorated trees with their beautiful ornaments amidst the glittering bright lights. Everything twinkles at Christmas and people seem more friendly.

My memories of Christmas are mostly happy ones, and I can remember the excitement I felt in anticipation of the arrival of the Jolly Old Saint Nick with his big fat belly and long white beard. Santa could do just about anything.

Our home celebated the Christian belief that Christ the Savior was born. We would have a candlelight service at our church on Christmas Eve, and we all looked forward to seeing the sparkle of the enormous number of lit candles as we all left the sancuary on the way to our cars.

I will never forget my sister's effort to blow out the candle that she held for a friend that had passed away in an accident that year. Let's just say it had a message to send.

This Jay Strongwater nutcracker and ornament series delights me, and I imagine how beautiful they would be in a home at Christmas time. Although out of my price range, I try to purchase at least one and continue to follow the work of this talented artist.
His work is unsurpassed as far as I am concerned. So I will purchase just one little piece -- just enough to bring one more twinkle to my ornament laden tree.

Ho Ho Ho!

Nutcracker Suite

Sunflower Ball

Teddy Bear with Drums

Sunflower Ball


Sultana Heart

And something for my Jewish friends


This just the beginning of my Christmas. We will sew, cook, decorate and entertain. You will most likely see some of my friends and their talent at play too!
Merry Christmas!
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