Monday, December 12, 2011


I am finished with school for the semester, and now I will be taking my design classes because I love to save the best for last!  Although I have always loved to decorate and have designed many a room, I thought a little formal education would help my knowledge bank.  By the way, I am totally exhausted!
Because of my love of media and design, I have fallen in love with Pinterest!  If you haven't been bitten by the bug yet, visit my Pinterest to see what everyone is talking about!  ENJOY!


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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Pinterest is fun and such a great place to find inspiration. I love Tumblr too... my current addiction. xo

The enchanted home said...

I have joined, do go on from time to time but haven't gotten the "bug" to be on incessantly as so many do. I think its a great idea and the inspiration is pretty amazing.....far better than doing a google search! Great images above!!

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

I have joined Pinterest,but really have not figured out how to use it. On my to do list for January.


congratulations Teresa--please send me your address when you have a moment! xx barbara


Love Pinterest! It's great to hear you are done for the semester and can finally catch your breath! Enjoy your break!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures here ... love Pinterest. Enjoy your semester break!

Anonymous said...

what lovely holiday cheer!! love the image of the outdoor window looking pretty...and I've been perusing Pinterest a little from time to time..I can see how it could become addictive!! :0
beautiful images on your pages too..

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Hi Teresa! Enjoy your well-deserved break , and I'm so proud of you for going to design school - can't wait to hear more about it. Off you visit you on pinterest, too - I know I will have to repin some of yours!

Maureen Stevens said...

I'm hooked on Pinterest and how how gorgeous & nostalgic are these Christmas images!

carolyn bradford said...

Oh...I've definitely been bitten by the Pinterest bug! Love it, love it, love it!! Glad to hear you can take a break for awhile! There's nothing better! See you on Pinterest!
much love, carolyn

Annemarie said...

Congrats on finishing this semester, Teresa! And how great that you will be starting design classes next. I'm jealous- that seems like SO much fun. Enjoy!

Love all of these photos. The enchanted home in the first is stunning.

Happy Monday to you xoxo

Karena said...

Teresa I really must get into Pinterest!! I may have some time soon!


Art by Karena

Alyson said...

pinterest is absolutely the best. great images!

Gwen Driscoll said...

Love Pinterest & can't wait to check out your page!

My Beautiful World said...

So lovely to meet you, you have an amazing blog here I have been so inspired by every page thank you for sharing such wonderful style with us. I'm now following you so I can visit often. Hope you have a great day.

Always Wendy

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

I'll be following you on Pinterest.

Amy Vermillion Interiors said...

Love Pinterest!!! Thanks for coming by and for the nice comment! Congrats on taking great.

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